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Rock on Don by fawriel Rock on Don by fawriel
Yeah,I know...I'm late....^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
But I couldn't get it up earlier...first I didn't have the mood to draw soemthing,and then I didn't have a connection at all...Xx
But now it's up!^__^
Anyways,happy birthday Poseidon Simons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w00t!
Hope ya dun mind it's a little late..^^;;
And I tell you,now that I tried to draw yer griffy,I respect you even more..XD
It's darn hard!O_o
Hope you like it anyways....depsite the griffin-n00bishness..despite his wrong colors......despite the cheapness of it all......Xx
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rhyfe2002 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003
Starry-eyes! o.O

That's a very cool looking guitar, too... Drool
wagontamer Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
Awesome guitar dude!!!!
And the wings are sweet! Love the color of the whole pic

And who is this small person commenting on your art? It is me, Wagontamer. Thanks for the comment you gave on my art by the way Bounce its nice to know that my existance is known =p (Razz)

the entire pic is Clap Clap Clap
poseidonsimons Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2003
awwww!!! a giutar!!!!1 Thats so coool! Now youve made my day! Im so happy thanx a lot man *huggles*
charisangel Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003
Wai! Cute!!! ^-^ I love the whole starry eye thing..... and the guitar..... wish my guitar looked that cool........ :P (Lick)

Really nice...... I know Don'll love it!!! Clap Great pic!
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